Ancient Temple City “Al-Zadinah”

Al-Zadinah City Map

My new roleplaying game supplement has been released. This is a high resolution city map that illustrates a fictional desert city for use in Fantasy or Sword & Sorcery themed campaigns. It is heavily inspired by the fascinating myths and architecture of ancient Babylonia.

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New Release: Innsmouth Poster Maps

Map of Innsmouth

Recently I’ve released Innsmouth Poster Maps on Check it out!

If you don’t know what this is; Innsmouth is a fictional town based on H.P Lovecraft’s horror novels. These maps are intended to be used with the horror roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu and are heavily inspired by perspective maps from the 1920s era. The maps are modeled in 3d and rendered in a few different perspectives. Enjoy!

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Medieval House 3d Model

This is a 3d model of a medieval inspired house, originally intended for a fantasy game project; a low-polygon game asset.

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3D Rendered Horse Carousel


This old-time-inspired carousel is made in 3D and touched up in photo editing. This is by far the longest and most advanced rendering of a still frame I’ve done to date. It includes 8k textures, 3 million polygon models and about 300 light bulbs.

To make the wooden horses was a fun learning experience since I have not been doing high-polygon organic modelling before.

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3d rendering of a hallway

hallwayI have been experimenting with lighting in 3d scenes for a couple of days, and this is the result so far.

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New 3D Foliage

Tried to make some new 3D trees (or bushes, or whatever they are) using a technique I just learned over the holidays. It has normal mapped leaves, and is ready to be used in a game engine. The texture is a placeholder since this was done mostly for educational purposes.2012-12-28

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